We are here to empower you to become a healer in your own home and take control of your health and well-being

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We are Beck and Jane, two best mates and mums, who live on opposite sides of the globe, learning to live our best and healthiest lives incorporating essential oils and other low tox products into our lives.  Our mission is to share what we have learnt with our friends, families and the larger community (YOU), to show you how to live a toxic free lifestyle with easy, non-stressful applications for daily use.
Our Vision
❤ To empower you to become a healer in your own home ❤

Who knew there were alternatives to health care
 - we didn’t!!
What we have learned has been a revelation and has transformed how we view our own health and that of others.  
We know, we thought it was all just 'snake oils' and 'voodoo' but there really is something about essential oils that you just can't resist once you have tried them.
Let us guide you through the wonderful world of essential oils and help you change your life, like we have changed ours, and incorporate other options to better your health.

Our journey began with being introduced to some pretty impressive and powerful essential oils and from there we learned about other alternative remedies that can help boost our immune system and enhance our health naturally as well as our families.

We want to show you how to support your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Everything we use on our bodies from deodorant, skin care, makeup etc, air fresheners, cleaning products and even what we eat, build up toxins in our bodies that can lead to blockages, inflammation and then illness. Through basic applications and simple methods we want to empower you to become a healer in your own home and provide you with the tools to educate your family on how to reduce toxin overload. 

We aim to make a difference to your life and make it more simplistic and realistic  to manage with hectic schedules and busy 
family lives - one drop at a time. 

‘One kit can change your life’

We are here to help you buy the best essential oils, then educate
 you on how to use them to their full potential and work out 
what oils are best for you to use at the various stages of your 
day and life.

Why choose doTERRA Essential Oils?
 With advancing technology, improved quality, potency, and safety, essential oils are now more accessible and easy to use in everyday life. The use of essential oils for the benefit of physical and emotional health allows the user to tailor the experience to their specific wants and needs.
We choose doTERRA due to their commitment to the purity and efficacy of the essential oils, being CPTG - Certified Pure Tested Grade  If you are choosing other companies or brands, the please do your own research to ensure they do what they say and that they are used safely and within the safety guidelines set by that particular company.

Source To You
What we also love about doTERRA is that they are a company with heart and soul and they care about the integrity of their products and absolute transparency.  With this commitment they have provided Source To You which has information about the growers, distillers, scientists and practitioners they work with to bring you the most tested and trusted essential oils on the market

doTERRA is a Latin derivative meaning "Gift of the Earth."
doTERRA believes inherently that you deserve the most pure, potent and effective essential oils on the planet, so have a sister website that enables you to enter the batch number to view the third party testing of their essential oils

Healing Hands Foundation
The Healing Hands Foundation empower us to help others and seeks to bring healing and hope to the world as doTERRA work to make possible lives free of disease and poverty, ultimately teaching people everywhere to be self reliant.  doTERRA are involved in many projects worldwide and ask for Wellness Advocates to help get involved as well as having particular products available where the sole proceeds go towards WPCID:2334826the Foundation - Rose Hand & Body Cream & Hope Touch